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Our solutions are designed to be integrated but capable of standalone deployment, which gives our customers great flexibility to pace system implementation according to their unique need and
business plan.  All our solutions are designed & built on Microsoft .NET technology.  The result is cost-effective software and intuitive user interface to shorten learning curve.  The entire system is built on component-based design methodology. This allows functionality to be added, enhanced or replaced quickly and modularly without affecting the rest of the system. Being dynamic to changing needs is imperative in any system, Revolx's scalable architecture design enables any organization to start small and scale the system up only when the need arises. Despite the flexible business logic that can be easily configured to handle different business scenarios, our solutions can also be customized to meet individual company requirements at short timeframe and reasonable costs.



RX Retail
Rx Retail A full featured Retail solution to cater for your Point-of-Sales (POS), Purchase Order, Wholesales, Inventory management, Sales promotion, Loyalty program, and even ticketing need for theatre movies and entrance/service fee. Read more>>

Rx Distribution
Rx Distribution is a highly flexible Enterprise Solution for Distributors, Contract Services providers, Hi Tech Manufacturers and any company who need total control of their Purchase, Sales, Pricing, Inventory, Work Orders.  Strong Return Material Authorization (RMA) feature within the system allows tracking of complete product life cycle. Read more>>

Rx Warehouse Management
Rx WMS was designed from an operations centric perspective. The process flows and control procedures were refined from years of experience in implementing and managing districentres and hubs for the FMCG, Electronics and Healthcare industries.Read more>>

Rx Service Part Logistics
If you need to efficiently move your service parts through your multi-level supply chain and also track/process your return materials and item to be repaired, Rx Service Parts Logistics is absolutely a system that you need.  Rx Service Parts Logistics not only enable you to run your reverse logistics operation effectively, it also helps to improve your customer satisfaction level so you can ensure your customer continue to purchase more product & services from you. Read more>>

Rx Service Management
It has never been an easy task to provide high standard of service level to ever demanding customer, either end consumer or corporate customer.  Rx Service Management allow you to effectively manage all your resources available and turnaround your customer services request as efficient as possible, both in term of costs and service level.  The system also help to keep track of all product warranty information and service history so you have all the information available to make the best decision.
Read more>>


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